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A new stapedotomy prosthesis: preliminary report. 

Cochlear implantation 


Efficacy of inferior turbinoplasty with the use of CO2 laser, radiofrequency, and electrocautery.

An aspirated partial denture as a complication in status epilepticus.

Management of locally advanced laryngeal cancer.

Synchronous multifocal medullary and papillary thyroid microcarcinoma detected by elastography.

The pathophysiology of the hygiene hypothesis.

Pleomorphic adenoma of the accessory parotid gland misdiagnosed as glomus tumour.

Excessive noise levels are noted in kindergarten classrooms in the island of Crete.

Intraoperative recurrent laryngeal nerve monitoring in revision thyroidectomy.

Canalith repositioning procedures among 965 patients with benign paroxysmal positional vertigo.

A case of acquired tracheal diverticulum presenting with globus pharyngeus.

Voice risk factors in kindergarten teachers in Greece.

Nasal packing aspiration in a patient with Alzheimer's disease: a rare complication.

Rare presentation of occult medullary carcinoma of the thyroid as a mediastinal mass.

Management of advanced carcinoma of the base of tongue.

Vestibular rehabilitation strategies and factors that affect the outcome.

Investigation of angiogenetic pathways in nasal polyposis.

Potential impact of the financial crisis on outpatient hospital visits due to otorhinolaryngologic disorders in Crete, Greece.

Surgical management of T1 oropharyngeal carcinoma.

Atypical solitary fibrous tumor of the nose and maxillary sinus.

Molecular pathways of lymphangiogenesis and lymph node metastasis in head and neck cancer.

Isolated sphenoiditis: presentation of 2 cases and review of the literature.

Ectopic thyroid in the differential diagnosis of a lateral neck mass.

On the history of modern tonsillectomy: the contribution of Nikolaos Taptas.

Auditory brainstem response changes during exposure to GSM-900 radiation: an experimental study.

From ancient Greek medicine to EP³OS.

T1 and T2 hypopharyngeal cancer treatment with laser microsurgery.

The use of the Ligasure vessel sealing system in head and neck surgery: a report on six years of experience and a review of the literature.

Immunocompromised patient with an ulcerated nasolabial skin lesion.

Resection margins and other prognostic factors regarding surgically treated glottic carcinomas.

Evaluation of available surgical management options for early supraglottic cancer.

Septoplasty outcome in patients with and without allergic rhinitis.

Effect of repeated laser microsurgical operations on laryngeal cancer prognosis.

Long-term results of intranasal laser-assisted dacryocystorhinostomy with the use of a surgical microscope.

Comparison among different available surgical approaches in T1 glottic cancer.

Long-term results of endonasal dacryocystorhinostomy.

Molecular pathways and genetic factors in the pathogenesis of laryngopharyngeal reflux.

Anaphylactic reactions on the beach: a cause for concern?

Microsatellite DNA instability in nasal polyposis.

The cochlear implant programme in Crete: a nine year experience.

Cross-cultural adaptation and validation of the voice handicap index into Greek.

Ectopic internal carotid artery presenting as an oropharyngeal mass.

Epiglottis reshaping using CO2 laser: a minimally invasive technique and its potent applications.

Thermal welding technology vs ligasure tonsillectomy: a comparative study.

Studying the effects of mobile phone use on the auditory system and the central nervous system: a review of the literature and future directions.

Diagnosis of tetanus by an otorhinolaryngologist and immunity against tetanus among adults on the island of Crete.

Septal cartilage reshaping with the use of an Erbium doped glass fiber laser. Preliminary results.

Non-Candida albicans Candida mediastinitis of odontogenic origin in a diabetic patient.

Relationship between BMD, dental panoramic radiographic findings and biochemical markers of bone turnover in diagnosis of osteoporosis.

Angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitor (ACE-I)- and angiotensin receptor blocker (ARB)-related angioedema: a neglected issue in daily practice in Greece.

Infantile fibromatosis of the mandible: a case report.

Basaloid squamous cell carcinoma of the soft palate: case report.

Diagnosis and management of substernal goiter at the University of Crete.

Microscopic endonasal surgery of nasal and paranasal cavities.

Protein tyrosine kinase and estrogen receptor-dependent pathways regulate the synthesis and distribution of glycosaminoglycans/proteoglycans produced by two human colon cancer cell lines.

Antihistamine effects on experimental middle ear inflammatory model.

Mandibular radiomorphometric measurements as indicators of possible osteoporosis in postmenopausal women.

Massive plexiform neurofibroma and spinal deformity presenting as dysphagia.

Investigation of the relationship between allergic rhinitis and personality traits using semeiometry.

Tonsillectomy with thermal welding technology using the TLS(2) thermal ligating shear.

Dizziness after canalith repositioning procedure for benign paroxysmal positional vertigo.

Assessment for microsatellite DNA instability in nasal cytology samples of patients with allergic rhinitis.

Increased incidence of papillary thyroid cancer among total thyroidectomies in Crete.

Microsatellite DNA instability in nasal cytology of COPD patients.

In vitro enzymatic treatment and carbon dioxide laser beam irradiation of morphologic cartilage specimens.

The risk of foreign body aspiration in children can be reduced with proper education of the general population.

Nonmicrosurgical reconstruction of the auricle after traumatic amputation due to human bite.

Transtympanic versus intramuscular steroid administration in a histamine-induced inflammatory middle-ear model.

Comparative study of laser versus radiofrequency myringotomy in rabbits: The effectiveness of mitomycin C application.

Epidemiologic profile of otorhinolaryngological, head and neck disorders in a tertiary hospital unit in Greece: a challenge for general practitioners?

Primary nasal non-Hodgkin lymphomas presented initially as benign disease.

Acute rhinosinusitis associated with Sweet's syndrome.

Radiofrequency myringotomy with the topical use of mitomycin C: an experimental study.

The use of the Ligasure Vessel Sealing System in parotid gland surgery.

Laser-assisted tympanostomy in pediatric patients with serous otitis media.

Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo: 10-year experience in treating 592 patients with canalith repositioning procedure.

Ligasure versus cold knife tonsillectomy.

Cervical prevertebral abscess owing to injection of corticosteroids.

Congenital granular cell tumor (epulis): postnatal imaging appearances.

Malignant myoepithelioma arising from recurrent pleomorphic adenoma of the soft palate.

Tonsillectomy using the Ligasure vessel sealing system. A preliminary report.

Bilateral nasolabial cysts associated with recurrent dacryocystitis.

Familial bilateral acinic cell carcinoma of the parotid synchronous with pituitary adenoma: case report.

Arteriovenous malformation of the floor of the mouth: a case report.

Implications of laser assisted tympanostomy in adults.

Symptomatic epilepsy due to a huge frontal sinus mucocele. A case report.

Duplicate publications in otolaryngology.

Redundant publications in Otolaryngology--Head and Neck Surgery.

How we do it: application of Ligasure Vessel Sealing System in patients undergoing total laryngectomy and radical neck dissection.

The use of Ligasure Vessel Sealing System in thyroid surgery.

Angiotensin-converting enzyme inhibitors and angiotensin II receptor antagonists.

Radiology quiz case 2. Laryngeal low-grade chondrosarcoma.

Cochlear implantation after radical mastoidectomy: management of a challenging case.

Feeding difficulties in a neonate with primary cricopharyngeal achalasia treated by cricopharyngeal myotomy.

Laser-assisted uvulopalatoplasty for the treatment of snoring and mild obstructive sleep apnea syndrome.

Long-term results of a new stapedotomy prosthesis.

Otolaryngologic manifestations of small vessel vasculitis.

QT prolongation and torsades de pointes associated with concurrent use of cisapride and erythromycin.

Intranasal laser-assisted dacryocystorhinostomy with the use of a surgical microscope.

The role of laser assisted tympanostomy (LAT) in treating allergic children with chronic serous otitis media.

[Bilateral paraganglioma of the vagus nerve].

Sucralfate alleviating post-laser-assisted uvulopalatoplasty pain.

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In vitro ear cartilage shaping with carbon dioxide laser: an experimental study.

The challenge of esophagoscopy in infants with open safety pin in the esophagus: report of two cases.

Angiosarcoma of the maxillary sinus.

Bronchoscopy for foreign body removal in children. A review and analysis of 210 cases.

Low incidence of H-, K- and N-ras oncogene mutations in cytological specimens of laryngeal tumours.

Fibrous dysplasia of the temporal bone: report of a case and a review of its characteristics.

Swiftlase inferior turbinoplasty.

Negative pressure suction in nasal septum surgery.

Mucocele of the maxillary antrum in an eight-year-old boy.

A new stapedotomy prosthesis: preliminary report.

Meningitis as a complication of tonsillectomy.

The silent epidural abscess as a complication of acute otitis media in children.

Needle entrance into the maxillary sinus during retrobulbar anesthesia.

Management of chylous fistula using the fibrin adhesive set.

Nd:YAG laser treatment of recurrent epistaxis in heredity hemorrhagic telangiectasia.

Osteoblastoma of the nasal cavity arising from the perpendicular plate of the ethmoid bone.

Medicine and art: facial palsy depicted in archaic Greek art on Crete.

[Synovial cell sarcomas of the head- and neck area].

Infantile osteomyelitis of the maxilla with concomitant subperiosteal orbital abscess: a case report.

The histology of laser thermo-chondro-plasty.

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Otorhinolaryngological diseases in the Minoan era.

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Retropharyngoesophageal abscess associated with a swallowed bone.

Supraglottic laryngectomy: experience with 66 patients over 20 years.

[Suture of tympanic membrane transplants in tympanoplasty to the ventral wall of the auditory canal].

[Chondroma of the parotid gland. Clinical--histologic--immunohistochemical findings of a rare case].

Pathologic quiz case 1. Adult rhabdomyoma of the parapharyngeal space.

Empty sella syndrome, diagnosed as allergic rhinitis.

Το παρόν άρθρο προστατεύεται από το Νόμο 2121/1993 και 4481/2017 για την πνευματική ιδιοκτησία. Η ολική ή μερική αντιγραφή του παρόντος επιστημονικού άρθρου χωρίς τη γραπτή έγκριση του Δρ Δημητρίου Ν. Γκέλη θεωρείται κλοπή πνευματικής ιδιοκτησίας και διώκεται βάσει της νομοθεσίας.

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